bART Solutions’ CEO, Yurii Bartish, recently returned from a successful business trip to the United States, where he engaged in productive discussions with clients and identified new business opportunities.

This time Yurii explored emerging technologies, including Samsung Display’s ‘Rollable Flex’ OLED Panel, as a potential new direction for bART Solutions. Integrating such innovations will position bART Solutions at the forefront of both software and hardware development.


Potential use cases include:

Smartwatches: Devices that can transform into larger screens for better navigation, multimedia viewing, or enhanced fitness tracking.

Health Monitors: Flexible devices that comfortably wrap around a user’s wrist, providing continuous health metrics without the bulk of traditional devices.

Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses: Offering more immersive experiences with screens that adjust to various viewing angles.


These advancements represent the future of user-centric design, allowing technology to be more adaptable, convenient, and integrated into our daily lives. We’re proud to be at the leading edge of this innovation, committed to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients.