Where Your Passion Meets Our Purpose

We believe the magic happens when individuality and expertise
come together. Our teammates’ unique perspective aren’t just
welcome – it’s their superpower. With bART, employees get
opportunities to innovate, challenge norms, and grow.

Why you’ll love being part of bART Solutions 


We encourage you to bring your whole self to work. Your ideas, your passion, your distinctiveness – they're the keys to our collective growth.


Teamwork is at our core. We thrive on mutual support, learning, and shared victories. Your success is our success!


We foster an environment where curiosity and open dialogue spark breakthrough ideas. We have no bureaucracy – you can speak directly to the CEO.


We're committed to your personal and professional development. As we evolve, you evolve. Together, we soar.

Open positions

Marketing Manager

Senior Team Lead

bART is looking for a Marketing Manager to join our team full-time in Lviv.

Junior Strong / Middle / Senior .NET Developer (Full Stack)

Junior Middle Senior Full-stack

bART is looking for a .NET Developer to join our team full-time in Lviv.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE Developer

bART is looking for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE Developer to join our team full-time in Lviv.

Middle Unity Engineer


bART is looking for a Middle Unity Engineer to join our team full-time in Lviv.

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Perks of working at bART Solutions

Progressive paid vacation

You earn time off as soon as you start working at bART. You get 15 paid vacation days plus national holidays during the first year of our cooperation. Each year, we add +2 vacation days to your balance. So you’ll have 18 days after 2 years and 20 days after 3 years working with us.

8 sick leaves per year

We perefer you always stay in good health, but sometimes life has other plans. We fully cover 8 days of your absence from work due to illness. You get 3 days of paid sick leave without the need to show a doctor’s note and 5 days with a doctor’s note.

Unlimited day-offs

You can take unlimited days off without compensation with the approval of your team lead. We trust you to manage your time and know when you need a break. Relax, travel, and pursue hobbies – your time is truly yours.

Paid maternity leave

After 1 year of working with us, we will cover your maternity leave if you need one. We compensate 100% of your salary during the first month of maternity leave, plus 60% and 40% during the next two months. We secure your position for 6 months of maternity leave.

Flexible work hours

Each person has their own rhythm. Hit that sweet spot of work-life balance with bART solutions. Early bird or night owl, structure your workday in a way that suits you best. Just be in touch with your team by 11 AM.

Hybrid work model

Get the best of both worlds. Whether in the office or working remotely, we provide the flexibility to choose your work environment once you pass the probation period. Stay connected and collaborative, no matter where you are.

PDP twice a year

We value constructive feedback and transparency. Bi-annual PDP sessions focus on your aspirations and chart your professional and personal development course for the next 6 months. We review your salary based on the PDP results.

Professional courses

Keep learning and growing with access to a range of professional courses. Whether it's enhancing existing skills or exploring new territories, we're here to support your continuous learning journey.

Office parties once a month

We genuinely enjoy hanging out together. That’s why we gather to eat pizza and play board games every month. Additionally, we throw a big party twice a year when we travel to awesome locations like the Carpathians to have fun big time.

Free English classes

Communication is key, and we want to empower you with one of the most valuable skills in the global marketplace – proficiency in English. Our in-house teacher arranges personal and group lessons using the most effective learning methodologies.

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