Technical Due Diligence

With technical due diligence, you gain a thorough understanding of the technological capabilities and risks of potential investments, ensuring your decisions are backed with solid technical insights and strategic foresight.

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Technology due diligence services we provide

Security & risk assessment

We conduct detailed vulnerability analyses across systems, networks, and applications, evaluating potential risks and the effectiveness of existing security controls. By integrating the latest threat intelligence, we offer insights into emerging cyber threats and tailor mitigation strategies to fortify your security posture.

System architecture audit

We evaluate the structural design of your software systems to ensure they can meet current and future business demands. This involves assessing the integration of different components, middleware, databases, and server infrastructure. Our engineers identify potential bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas that could benefit from modernization.

Code review & quality analysis

Our experts delve into your codebase to ensure adherence to the best coding and design practices, including efficient algorithms, modular designs, and contemporary architectural patterns. We place a strong emphasis on the maintainability and scalability of your software, coupled with a detailed evaluation of documentation quality. Additionally, we identify and advise on rectifying technical debt to enhance code performance.

Technical debt management

Our team is proficient at identifying, quantifying, and strategizing the reduction of technical debt within your software. Technical debt, often accrued through quick fixes, outdated code, or inefficient coding practices, can hinder system performance and scalability. We analyze your codebase and development practices to pinpoint areas where technical debt impacts operational efficiency and effectively address these issues.

Software development lifecycle (SDLC) review

We review each stage of your SDLC, from requirements gathering and design to development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. We evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, and compliance of your SDLC practices, identifying areas for improvement. We aim to ensure that your software development processes adhere to best practices and align with your business goals, ultimately leading to higher-quality software and faster time to market.

What you get from our technical due diligence

Risk identification & mitigation

Technology due diligence helps you identify risks and challenges early, uncovering hidden issues such as technical debt, outdated technologies, or security vulnerabilities. In result, you get a more accurate risk assessment and strategies for mitigation.

Validating technology capabilities

Our team verifies the capabilities of your tech stack, ensuring it aligns with business goals and industry standards. This validation is crucial to pinpoint the actual value and future potential of the technology in question.

Operational efficiency insights

Technical due diligence deep-dives into the operational efficiency and effectiveness of your IT ecosystem and business processes, helping understand how your existing IT strategy supports current and future business needs and what needs to be changed.

Strategic planning & forecasting

The insights gained from IT due diligence aid in strategic planning and forecasting, allowing you to develop a precise picture of potential returns and long-term benefits of your technology investments.

Our IT due diligence process

Our team kicks off an initial audit where we define the objectives of the due diligence process. We engage with key stakeholders to understand the specific goals, whether for a merger, acquisition, or strategic partnership. This phase involves gathering preliminary data about your IT landscape, setting the stage for a more detailed investigation.

We conduct an exhaustive review of your IT infrastructure, examining servers, networks, data centers, and cloud services. Our experts analyze the existing infrastructure’s scalability, reliability, and security and how well it supports current operations and growth plans.

We look closely into your software, licensed products, and third-party integrations. Our experts evaluate the architecture, code quality, and functionality of these systems, checking for technical debt, outdated technologies, performance bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, and potential scalability challenges.

Our team evaluates your operational processes related to IT management. This includes examining IT support structures, software development practices, and IT governance policies. We aim to understand how these processes align with best practices and contribute to the overall effectiveness of the IT department.

We analyze your current IT spending, including capital expenditures and operational costs, as part of our technology due diligence. This step provides insights into your investment in IT infrastructure and technology development, helping gauge the financial health and sustainability of your IT strategies.

Our experts develop a comprehensive report detailing our findings and recommendations, providing an in-depth analysis of your IT strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks. We deliver actionable insights and strategic recommendations to guide decision-making, negotiation, and post-transaction integration planning.

Our tech stack

Node JS
Java Script
React Native
Unity 3d
Dynamics 365
Power BI
Service Bus
Amazon SQS
Cloud Flare
Digital Ocean
SQL Server
Azure SQL

Why choose bART Solutions


Result-oriented team

Our team doesn’t just work on tasks; we focus on outcomes. We ensure every aspect of our solution is optimized for success.


Commitment to quality

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our consistently high ratings, with only 5-star reviews on Clutch.


Tailored approach

One size never fits all, especially in technology. Our team creates customized solutions that align perfectly with your business objectives and operational needs.


Diverse skill set

Our team comprises industry experts with a wide range of technical skills. This diversity lets us tackle complex projects and deliver innovative solutions across domains.

Our cooperation models


Time & material

Ideal for projects where requirements evolve, this cooperation model ensures you only pay for the time and resources used. It’s all about adaptability and transparency, giving you control over the project’s scope and budget adjustments as needed. Perfect for dynamic projects that require a flexible approach.


Dedicated team

A dedicated team is best for long-term projects that need focused attention. A managed team of our IT experts extends your in-house team, sharing your vision, values, and mindset. This cooperation model offers stability, deep integration with your processes, and consistent output, aligning with your strategic goals.


Fixed price

Choose this model for well-defined projects with clear deliverables and timelines. You get a clear upfront cost, ensuring your project stays on budget without surprises. It is ideal for projects with a well-defined scope and ready-made technical documentation.


What exactly is technology due diligence?

Technology due diligence is a comprehensive evaluation process that assesses a company’s technological assets, infrastructure, software, cybersecurity measures, and IT operational efficiencies. This service provides a deep understanding of the technological capabilities and risks associated with the target entity.

Who should consider technology due diligence services?

Our IT due diligence is ideal for investors, venture capitalists, private equity firms, and corporations considering mergers or acquisitions. It also benefits businesses planning significant technology investments or partnerships with other tech companies.

What’s included in an IT due diligence checklist?

An IT due diligence checklist typically includes evaluation of the IT infrastructure, analysis of software systems and applications, cybersecurity assessments, data compliance checks, review of IT operational processes, financial assessment of IT-related expenditures, and examination of IT management practices.

What aspects of technology do you evaluate in your due diligence process?

We thoroughly evaluate various technological aspects, including IT infrastructure, software systems, code quality, cybersecurity protocols, data compliance, operational IT processes, and financial investments in technology. This holistic approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the target’s technology landscape.

How does technology due diligence benefit my business?

Technology due diligence provides critical insights into the technological health and potential risks of a target company. It helps make informed investment decisions, identify areas for improvement, ensure compliance with industry standards, and ultimately contribute to a smoother integration post-acquisition or merger.

Why is IT due diligence important in mergers and acquisitions (M&A)?

IT due diligence is crucial for understanding the technological capabilities and liabilities of the target company. It helps identify potential risks, evaluate the integration costs and complexities, and understand how the target’s technology aligns with the acquirer’s strategic objectives. This process is vital for ensuring a successful merger or acquisition, with no unexpected IT-related issues surfacing post-transaction.

How does IT due diligence in M&A differ from regular IT assessments?

IT due diligence in M&A is more comprehensive and focused on the implications of merging or acquiring a company’s IT systems. It goes beyond standard IT assessments by considering the strategic fit, integration challenges, potential synergies, and long-term impacts of the M&A transaction on the existing IT infrastructure and operations.

What are the common challenges faced during IT due diligence in M&A?

Common challenges include uncovering hidden IT costs, assessing the compatibility and scalability of different IT systems, understanding the complexities of integrating disparate technologies, and evaluating cybersecurity risks. Additionally, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and assessing the quality of the existing IT team are also critical.

How long does the technology due diligence process take?

The duration varies based on the complexity of the target company’s technology infrastructure and the scope of the due diligence required. We strive to conduct thorough assessments in a time-efficient manner and provide a timeline estimate at the start of the process.

Can you assess the scalability of the target's technology?

Yes, assessing the scalability of the target’s technology is a key part of our due diligence process. We evaluate how well the current technological setup can support future growth and scalability demands.

Do you provide recommendations post-assessment?

After our assessment, we provide a comprehensive report that includes not only our findings but also strategic recommendations for addressing any identified issues or leveraging potential opportunities.

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