Smart clinic suite: integrated practice management application

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Our client, a healthcare startup, started with the goal of developing a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform MVP. The scope soon broadened to encompass a complete range of features aimed at improving interactions between patients and doctors. With a focus on ease of use and adherence to regulations, we developed a holistic solution that simplifies medical consultations and guarantees top-level security for patient data and transactions.


Product Discovery
MVP Development

UI/UX Design
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The project required careful organization of patient data to facilitate swift access and exchange among healthcare providers. Equally important was keeping patients informed about their health in real time. Integrating the platform’s payment system with insurance companies for effortless transactions was another crucial aspect.

The main challenge for our team was to strike a balance between introducing innovative features, ensuring regulatory compliance, and managing data effectively, all within the constraints of tight deadlines.

Our Solution

Our team developed a solution that combines advanced functionality with compliance and user-centric design. This platform enables patients to book appointments, both online and offline, and engage in secure conference calls with physicians via an encrypted peer-to-peer connection, prioritizing security of private information.
For healthcare providers, the platform integrates with existing practice workflows, such as scheduling, and management systems, including EHR/EMR, RIS, and LIS, to enhance operational efficiency and facilitate a smooth transition into digital healthcare delivery.

Additionally, for doctors, our solution offers real-time access to patient information, efficient patient management through integrated practice management, collaborative care tools for better coordination with colleagues, and data analytics for insights into treatment effectiveness and practice performance.
This holistic solution not only meets the immediate project objectives but also establishes a scalable foundation for future enhancements, driving innovation in telehealth services.

HIPAA-compliant security

To ensure the protection of patient data and compliance with healthcare regulations, we implemented advanced encryption methods and secure access protocols. Our platform is built with HIPAA-compliant frameworks and technologies, safeguarding sensitive information against unauthorized access and breaches.

Telemedicine video conferencing

A telemedicine feature supports high-quality video conferencing between patients and healthcare providers. This feature is based on encrypted, peer-to-peer connections that guarantee privacy and reliability during consultations.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) integration

Our engineers integrated the platform with EHR and EMR systems, enabling seamless access to patient medical records. This integration allows doctors to review patient histories, update records, and make informed treatment decisions, all within a secure and user-friendly environment.

Smart scheduling system

To optimize appointment bookings and manage healthcare provider schedules, we implemented a smart scheduling system. It automates the appointment process, offering patients the convenience of booking visits online while efficiently managing doctors’ availability and reducing administrative workload.

Features for patients

Personal user profiles

Patients have the ability to personalize their experience by updating their user profile. This includes changing the profile picture, password, and personal details such as address and contact information, ensuring all communication and healthcare services are accurately directed and personalized.

Consultation scheduling online/offline/house call

Patients can easily view a list of their past and upcoming appointments, as well as schedule new consultations with their healthcare providers. Before initiating a visit, patients have the option to review and update information about their needs, conditions, and current medications to help doctors make informed treatment decisions.

Insurance management

Patients can easily add and update their insurance provider information to facilitate billing and claims processing. For those preferring direct payment, the platform offers a self-pay option, providing flexibility and control over healthcare expenditures.

Secure payment processing

The app supports secure and convenient payment options. Patients can add, change, and manage their credit card details, allowing for easy payment of copays, deductibles, and other services directly through the platform. Multiple cards can be stored and managed, giving patients the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method for each transaction.

Features for healthcare provider

Encrypted communication

Doctors can engage in encrypted real-time video consultations and instant messaging, ensuring patient privacy and facilitating seamless collaboration with colleagues for case discussions and assistance.

Tools for collaborative careĀ 

The platform supports shared patient records and decision-making tools, enabling a collaborative approach to healthcare. It also streamlines the referral process and enhances clinical document management, allowing for the creation and sharing of customized forms and notes.

Appointment scheduling

With intuitive scheduling tools, doctors can easily manage their appointments, adjust their calendars, and utilize search filters for efficiency. The system supports appointment creation, cancellation, and modification, tailored to the doctor’s workflow.

Enhanced security measures

Featuring role-based access control, the platform allows for specific data access permissions, ensuring sensitive patient information is only available to authorized staff. All data is encrypted and transmitted securely, maintaining compliance with HIPAA standards.