Healthcare CRM platform for women’s health charity

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The client is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing women’s health, particularly in the context of pregnancy care. They support women in making informed decisions through comprehensive counseling and healthcare services, collaborating closely with healthcare providers to procure essential medical equipment and resources. To streamline operations, improve program efficiency, and ensure transparency and accountability, they sought to develop a customized CRM platform.


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The primary challenge was developing a CRM platform tailored to the specific needs of a women’s health charity organization. The system needed to integrate with existing healthcare provider networks to manage and track medical equipment and resources.

It required advanced data analytics and reporting to generate insights into the impact of healthcare programs and fund utilization. The platform also needed to automate workflows and improve operational efficiency.

Our Solution

The work of our team started with a detailed analysis of the client’s operational requirements and existing processes. It helped us identify critical areas for improvement and informed the strategy for developing a comprehensive, user-friendly solution. We designed a system that integrated with healthcare provider networks, enabling effective management and tracking of medical equipment and resources. Advanced data analytics and reporting capabilities using Power BI allowed the generation of detailed reports on the impact of healthcare programs and the utilization of funds.

We utilized Power Platform to automate workflows, reducing the manual workload on the client’s staff. This automation allowed them to focus more on their core mission of supporting women’s health. The platform featured strong inventory management to ensure the timely distribution of medical supplies. Such functionality helped to maintain transparency and accountability in fund utilization, which was crucial for building trust with donors and stakeholders.

Integration with healthcare providers’ systems

This allows the client to have real-time visibility into the availability and distribution of essential supplies. By leveraging APIs and data exchange protocols, the information is accurately synchronized between the CRM and healthcare provider systems.

Data privacy & security

The platform prioritizes protection of sensitive personal and business information through strict compliance with data protection regulations, and strict access control measures. Role-based access ensures that only authorized individuals can access specific data based on their responsibilities.

Advanced reporting capabilities

The system collects and analyzes data from various sources, such as patient records, equipment usage logs, and financial transactions. It generates interactive dashboards and reports that visualize key KPIs, trends, and outliers.

Inventory management & tracking

Inventory management module tracks the availability, distribution, and maintenance of medical equipment and resources. The system also tracks the movement of equipment between healthcare providers, ensuring accountability and facilitating efficient resource sharing.


Informed pregnancy decision support

Provides on the outcomes of consultations, including the number of women who, after receiving support and information, chose to proceed with their pregnancies, demonstrates the reach and impact of the healthcare programs.

Financial insights & control

A set of financial management tools enable the client to track expenses, create budgets, and generate reports. Real-time analytics provide insights for cost control and resource optimization.

Donor management

The platform streamlines donor engagement with personalized communication, tracking of donation history, and acknowledgement receipts. This set of tools helps nurture long-term relationships with supporters.

Workflow automation & process optimization

The system routes tasks, notifications, and approvals based on predefined rules and criteria, ensuring that the right people are involved at the right time. The platform streamlines the flow of information and tasks across different departments and roles, reducing manual intervention and minimizing the risk of errors.