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Our client, a leading audiological center, specializes in providing top-tier hearing aids and audiological services. Equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and a team of expert audiologists, they are dedicated to offering personalized hearing solutions. Aiming to broaden their accessibility and enrich client support, they partnered with us to develop a dynamic corporate website that reflects their commitment to excellence in hearing care.


Web Development

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Our client aimed to improve their digital presence in the competitive audiological field by creating an online platform that highlighted their expertise and included interactive features. The challenge was to design a website that educated visitors on hearing health, facilitated interactions with audiologists, and provided an online hearing assessment, all while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

The key was to blend informative content with engaging functionalities to mirror the client’s high standard of in-person care digitally. Simplifying the integration of these diverse elements into a cohesive online experience was crucial to attracting and retaining a wider audience, presenting a unique challenge in balancing detail with accessibility.

Our Solution

To address our client’s needs, we offered an all-round approach that began with a thorough competitive analysis and user research. These initial phases helped us understand the digital landscape of the audiological healthcare sector, identify gaps in the market, and pinpoint opportunities for differentiation. Insights gained from the research guided the following steps of the development process, ensuring that the website would meet industry standards and user expectations.

In crafting the website, our focus was on a seamless user experience and intuitive design. The UX team simplified navigation and access to information, while the UI team ensured the site was visually engaging and aligned with the client’s brand. Frontend and backend developers then built a responsive, high-performing platform, integrating features for online consultations and hearing assessments. This cohesive effort resulted in a digital presence that accurately extended the client’s exceptional in-person service quality online.

Users Research

User research provided the foundation for the project, ensuring that the solution we developed was deeply rooted in actual user needs and preferences. To gather comprehensive insights, we conducted offline interviews with 8 participants, carefully chosen for their relevance to the audiological sector and potential website users.

We also executed an online survey that garnered participation from 34 individuals. This survey expanded our understanding by collecting quantitative data on user behaviors, preferences, and feedback regarding online audiological resources and services. The combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods provided a rich dataset from which we extracted data, guiding the subsequent design and development phases.

How often do you visit an audiologist?

  • Once a quarter
  • Once a year
  • I visit in case of need
  • More often

Assess your knowledge of hearing health?

  • I don’t have enough information n this topic, but I’m interested in it
  • I’m not interested in this topic, it’s a job of doctors
  • I have enough information

What do you think is most in the treatment of hearing impairments?

  • Doctor selection nd his further support
  • Correct selection of hearing aids
  • Information to help prevent hearing problems

User Profiles

The busy professional

This group seeks quick, accessible solutions for hearing challenges that won’t disrupt their professional lifestyle. They prioritize efficiency, privacy, and the ability to fit hearing assessments and consultations into a hectic schedule without compromising their work commitments.

The family-centric user

For individuals prioritizing family health and well-being, the platform offers easy-to-understand hearing health information and user-friendly access to services. They appreciate features that allow for easy integration of health management into their caregiving routines, ensuring they can provide for their families without neglecting their own health needs.


  • always busy
  • takes care of his health
  • trusts only experienced doctors
  • trusts feedbacks

Needs & Goals:

  • feedbacks on hearing aids
  • information on hearing health care
  • online support
  • to test his hearing online

Concept development

During this stage, we synthesized the diverse needs of the identified user groups into a cohesive concept that would inform the design and functionality of the platform. This process involved collaborative brainstorming sessions, iterative design thinking, and continuous feedback loops to ensure that the final concept not only addressed the users’ hearing challenges but also aligned with broader market trends and technological possibilities.

Secure online consultation booking

A robust system for booking online consultations with audiologists ensures user data protection through end-to-end encryption. This simplifies the process of scheduling appointments, prioritizing user privacy and convenience.

Dynamic Content Management System (CMS)

Powered by a dynamic CMS, the website facilitates effortless content updates, from educational articles and blog entries to user testimonials. This functionality keeps the site relevant, informative, and engaging for all visitors.

High performance

Engineered for high performance, the website offers fast loading times and smooth interactive elements, enhancing the user experience. This efficiency minimizes bounce rates and maximizes user satisfaction and engagement.

Responsive design

The website boasts a responsive design, guaranteeing an optimal viewing and interaction experience across various devices, such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Such flexibility ensures that users enjoy easy navigation and access, no matter the device.


Advanced interactive hearing test

Leveraging state-of-the-art algorithms, this intuitive tool guides users through a detailed hearing assessment, providing instant, personalized feedback. It’s engineered to mimic a professional evaluation, offering users a preliminary analysis of their hearing health.

Personalized hearing aid recommendations

Utilizing advanced algorithms, this feature analyzes users’ hearing test results and preferences to recommend the most suitable hearing aids. It offers a tailored selection from a wide range of options, ensuring users find the best match for their specific hearing needs.

Curated informative blog

Featuring expert-written articles, this blog delves into various aspects of ear health and the latest advancements in hearing technology. Each piece is designed to engage and educate, helping users stay informed about maintaining optimal hearing health.

Direct online audiologist consultations

This platform bridges the gap between users and audiologists through a secure, encrypted video conferencing tool. Users can receive personalized care, including assessments and recommendations, from the comfort of their homes.

Comprehensive hearing health library

An extensive collection of resources, including in-depth articles, user-friendly FAQs, and practical guides on hearing health. This library is constantly updated to reflect the latest research and trends, serving as a valuable educational tool for users.

Client’s feedback

Garry Davidson Owner

bART Solutions has been our partners from the very beginning. Taking care of the full development lifecycle - from the technical expertise to design and implementation, they are true professionals, aimed only at the best results. I am grateful for our relationship and look forward to new achievements made together.

Quality 5.0
Cost 5.0
Schedule 5.0
Willing to Refer 5.0