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Our client, an educational startup, aimed to transform digital education with an innovative platform, beginning as an MVP and developing through extensive market research and user feedback. Central to its success was the integration of live streaming, facilitating real-time interaction between teachers and students and emphasizing a commitment to a user-centric approach.


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The primary challenge in this project was to develop an innovative and interactive platform that facilitated live streaming, ensuring it was user-friendly and scalable for a growing audience of educators and learners. Key to this was enabling seamless, real-time communication with high-quality video and audio, alongside supporting a wide range of course materials and integrating diverse payment systems for content monetization.

Achieving a balance between advanced functionalities and a straightforward user experience was essential. The team also had to construct a robust backend capable of handling live interaction data demands and storing extensive course materials, ensuring speed and accessibility for users globally without compromising performance.

Our Solution

Our solution emerged from a foundation of extensive user research, designed to ensure it deeply resonated with the actual needs of tutors and students in the digital education space. By engaging directly with our target audience through interviews and feedback sessions, we gained invaluable insights into their challenges and preferences, which guided the development process from its inception.

We focused on creating a flexible, intuitive, and engaging user experience that adapts to the varied demands of digital education. Such commitment to user-centric design is reflected in every aspect of the platform, from its overall architecture to the way it facilitates interactions and content delivery.

Users Research

The user research phase was an essential step in developing a solution that truly meets the needs of the audience. We conducted in-depth interviews with over 16 participants and received valuable insights from an additional 34 participants through an online survey. This extensive engagement allowed us to gather a comprehensive understanding of user expectations, preferences, and the challenges they face in digital education. The feedback collected from these direct interactions informed every aspect of our design and development process.

What forms of online learning do you use most often?

  • Online Courses (12 answers)
  • Video-streaming of popular teachers (7)
  • Video conference with teacher (7)
  • I don’t use online learning (4)

What online platforms do you use most often in learning?

  • Udemy (8 answers)
  • Coursera (6)
  • Preply (5)
  • Prometheous (3)

Your opinion about direct communication with the teacher

  • Direct communication with the teacher is important at all stages of learning (15 answers)
  • Important in the process of finding answers to questions that arose after self-study of the material (8)
  • Direct interaction with the teacher does not affect the learning process (7)

Concept development

Leveraging insights from user research, we defined the concept around streamlining workflows for both students and teachers. This process highlighted the need for efficient, intuitive pathways for content creation, distribution, and learning engagement. By focusing on simplifying these interactions, we aimed to ensure seamless experiences on the platform, enabling users to achieve their educational objectives effortlessly.

Scalable infrastructure

Our platform is built on a scalable infrastructure, designed to accommodate the growing number of users and the increasing volume of content. This ensures the platform remains fast and reliable, even as user engagement and data storage needs expand.

Real-time communication engine

The backbone of our live streaming capability, the real-time communication engine, supports high-quality video and audio interactions. This feature is critical for enabling live classes and real-time discussions, providing an interactive learning experience.

Dynamic content management system

A dynamic content management system (CMS) allows educators to easily upload, organize, and manage their course materials. This system supports various content types and integrates seamlessly with the platform’s user interface, enhancing the educational content delivery.

Secure payment integration

To facilitate the monetization of courses by educators, we’ve implemented a secure payment integration feature. This system supports multiple payment methods and currencies, offering a safe and straightforward transaction process for users worldwide.


Interactive course catalog

An intuitive course catalog allows students to easily browse and select courses, filtering by topic, difficulty level, and language. This ensures that students can find materials that match their educational needs and goals efficiently.

Course review & feedback system

A built-in system for students to rate courses and provide feedback, allowing them to share their learning experiences with the community. This feature helps improve course quality and assists other students in making informed decisions.

Personalized learning dashboard

Students have access to a personalized dashboard that tracks their progress, displays new, ongoing, and completed courses, and recommends courses based on their interests and learning history.

Downloadable resources

Access to downloadable course materials, including lecture notes, slides, and additional reading, allowing students to learn offline and at their own pace. This option caters to students with varying learning preferences and connectivity issues.

Flexible scheduling for live sessions

A scheduling tool that enables students to find live sessions that fit their calendar, making it easier to plan their learning around their personal and professional commitments. In such a way we ensure that live learning opportunities are accessible to a broader audience.

Quizzes & assignments

The platform includes interactive quizzes and assignments that provide immediate feedback, helping students assess their understanding of the course material and apply what they’ve learned in practical scenarios.

Real-time engagement tools

Students can participate in live streaming courses, engaging directly with instructors and peers through real-time chat and Q&A sessions. These tools enhance the learning experience by fostering a sense of community and immediate feedback.

Certification & skill tracking

Upon completing courses, students receive certifications that are automatically added to their profile, showcasing their acquired skills. This motivates students by recognizing their achievements and assists in tracking their learning progress.

Features for tutors

Course creation & management tools

Easy-to-use tools for teachers to create, update, and manage their courses, including uploading content, setting course parameters (difficulty, skills acquired, and price), and organizing materials into modules or lessons.

Streaming capabilities

Live streaming sessions enable teachers to conduct real-time classes, interact with students through live chat, and provide instant feedback, creating an engaging and dynamic experience.

Student performance analytics

Access to analytics and insights into students’ progress, engagement levels, and performance in quizzes and assignments, allowing teachers to tailor their teaching strategies and provide targeted support.

Secure payment system

A secure, integrated payment system that allows tutors to set prices for their courses and receive payments directly, with support for multiple currencies and payment methods.

Interactive content features

Tools to create interactive content, such as quizzes, polls, and assignments within the course materials, enhancing student engagement and facilitating active learning.

Feedback & review management

A platform feature that enables teachers to view and respond to student reviews and feedback, fostering open communication and opportunities for course improvement and personal development.

Platform usability & performance

User-centered interface

The interface is designed with both teachers and students in mind, ensuring ease of navigation, course creation, and learning engagement. We aimed to reduce the learning curve and improve user satisfaction, making the educational journey smooth and accessible for all users.

High performance

The platform is built to handle high traffic volumes and intensive data loads, ensuring uninterrupted access and seamless streaming even during peak usage times. This secures reliability, catering to a global audience and supporting a high level of user interaction without compromising performance.

Client’s feedback

Project Manager at 'Get Know' Wade Warren

I would like to express my gratitude to bART Solutions. Our project is completed, and I’m excited about it. Both technical and design issues have been executed at the highest level. I look forward to working with bART Solutions in the immediate future.

Quality 5.0
Cost 5.0
Schedule 5.0
Willing to Refer 5.0