Custom Development and Design for Fashion Marketplace

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Our client is an individual entrepreneur who owns a shoe manufacturing business. She needed to revamp her legacy system and add new features. During our cooperation, the client changed course and launched a fashion marketplace.


Legacy Software Modernization

Code Refactoring


UI/UX Design

Frontend Development

Backend Development

Quality Assurance


We were tasked to maintain the client’s platform built on legacy technologies. As the user demand increased, the platform struggled to handle the load and support new features. Moreover, the outdated tech stack failed to support multiple languages, which was critical for the client’s business.

To tackle these issues, our approach centered on a complete overhaul of the platform, keeping localization at the forefront. This meant deep-diving into the business’s core needs and aligning them with up-to-date technologies capable of supporting multiple languages.


We saw an opportunity to leverage the strengths of the old system and create something entirely new: an online marketplace. This marketplace was designed to expand the client’s business reach. Our journey involved two pivotal strategies: code refactoring and re-platforming.
Code refactoring wasn’t about simply tweaking the existing code; it was a comprehensive transformation. We dissected and reassembled the codebase, enhancing its structure and efficiency without altering its external behavior. The goal was to make the code more adaptable, maintainable, and ready for future expansions.

Out team shifted the platform to a more robust and scalable foundation. We selected a cloud provider that supports high workload and offers the flexibility and scalability for future growth and feature integration. This transition was crucial for the platform to thrive in the e-commerce industry.
By enriching the existing business logic with new functionality, we were able to create a seamless, user-friendly marketplace that catered to the diverse needs of a growing customer base.

Responsive UI

We tailored a responsive interface that adapts to any screen and device. Our engineers used Tailwind CSS which allows customizing website design to match various needs.

Data analytics

We integrated Facebook chat, Google Analytics, FB Pixel, and Google Tag Manager. These integrations help us gather valuable data and analyze user behavior to improve every aspect of the shopping experience.

Payment gateway integration

Our engineers integrated Stripe for seamless and secure payment processing. It streamlines payments and refunds, offering users a hassle-free checkout experience.

Robust infrastructure

Our team simplified the backend setup by using Digital Ocean. It helps build and ship applications faster, reduces downtime, and ensures reliable performance.


Shoe constructor

A built-in Shoe Constructor lets users design custom shoes. It allows to customize colors, materials, and add unique details to express their personal style.

Online marketplace

The marketplace allows to bring together creative fashion brands. Users can browse through product listings and categories, including footwear, accessories, clothing, and shoe care products.

Checkout system

A seamless shopping cart and checkout system for processing transactions, including payment options such as credit cards and digital wallets.

Secure payment processing 

Ensure secure handling of payments and sensitive financial information. The platform integrates with top payment providers, inluding Stripe and Paypal, providing data encryption and compliance with financial regulations.

Real-time shipping options

Users choose from various shipping options at checkout, including standard, express, and same-day delivery. The platform shows live shipping rates for top delivery service providers.

Order tracking

Let your customers track what’s happening with their order. The platform shows tracking numbers and real-time updates on the delivery status.

Merchant’s admin panel

Marketplace customization

The Admin Panel lets you tailor the look and feel of the marketplace. Customize product pages and design your customer’s journey.

Content management

Update and manage content effortlessly. This feature allows to edit product listings, descriptions, and promotional banners to suit their brand’s voice.

Order management

Keep an eye on every order. From order processing to tracking shipments, our Admin Panel simplifies the entire order management process.

Automated order processing

Wave goodbye to manual entries. Our system creates orders for you with all the details included.

User account control

Easily navigate user account administration. The Admin Panel lets you reset passwords, verify accounts, and handle user inquiries.

Product management

Streamline your catalog in a breeze. Add, edit, remove products, manage inventory, adjust pricing, and highlight new arrivals, all in one seamless workflow.

Review publishing

Let your customers share their honest opinions that are shown on product pages. Publish photo, video, and text reviews to boost sales.

Marketing module

Stay connected with your customers. Send digital invoices, order status updates, and keep them informed about the latest shoe collections and promotions.

Client’s feedback

Calor CEO

I’m really satisfied with the quality. They fulfill all of my ideas, do everything really quickly, and help solve all the issues we have. They’ve done everything that I want and it has been a really great cooperation

Quality 5.0
Cost 5.0
Schedule 5.0
Willing to Refer 5.0