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The client, a provider of medical services, aimed to enhance patient access to professional care. Their goal was to create an application that simplifies scheduling consultations with healthcare professionals. This app responds to the demand for an easy, efficient method to find and book healthcare consultations, designed for patients with busy lifestyles.


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The application addresses critical inefficiencies in the healthcare appointment booking system. In-depth user research has revealed that patients frequently face challenges in locating appropriate specialists.

scheduling appointments around their busy lives, and finding trustworthy doctor reviews. To tackle these issues, we have developed a solution that integrates specialist availability, simplifies booking processes, and enhances digital appointment management.

Our Solution

The application was developed through comprehensive user research, including interviews with more than 13 participants and surveys completed by 38 individuals. These efforts provided valuable insights into the complexities of booking healthcare appointments.

Armed with this data, we created a user-centric CRM platform. It simplifies the process by enabling easy access to doctor profiles, transparent reviews, and a straightforward appointment booking system, addressing key user needs.

Real-time doctor availability tracking

Utilizes advanced algorithms to provide up-to-the-minute information on doctor availability, ensuring patients can schedule appointments efficiently and avoid long wait times.

Secure patient data management

Incorporates state-of-the-art encryption and secure data handling protocols to protect sensitive patient information, ensuring privacy and compliance with healthcare regulations.

Interactive appointment scheduling

A user-friendly interface simplifies the process of finding and booking appointments with healthcare professionals, enhancing user convenience and satisfaction.

Integrated review system

Offers patients the ability to read and submit transparent reviews for doctors, fostering trust and informed decision-making in choosing healthcare providers.

Users Research

To precisely understand user needs, our team conducted extensive research, including interviews and online surveys with a total of 51 participants. This process helped us understand the specific challenges patients face when seeking healthcare appointments.

The insights gained from this research shaped the development of the solution, enabling us to tailor features and functionalities that meet users’ demands for convenience, reliability, and accessibility in healthcare scheduling.


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Doctor discovery & filters

Patients can easily find doctors by name or specialty, with options to sort based on popularity, ratings, and distance from the patient’s location. Each listing includes the doctor’s name, clinic, and photo, giving a comprehensive overview.

Detailed doctor profiles & ratings

Access in-depth information about each doctor, including qualifications, clinic details, and user-generated ratings and feedback. This feature helps patients make informed decisions when choosing their healthcare provider.

Appointment booking system

Offers a streamlined process to book appointments, with the option to specify the reason for the visit and symptoms. Patients can also choose between a traditional in-person consultation or remote options like calls and chat, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Selected doctors & personalization

Patients can receive personalized doctor suggestions and sort them by specialty. The app allows for easy management of favorite doctors, with options to add or remove them from a personalized list, making future bookings faster.

Personal doctor page

Each selected doctor has a dedicated page where patients can schedule appointments, send messages, and view detailed information about the doctor. This centralized page simplifies communication and appointment management.

Appointment management

Patients can view all upcoming and past appointments, provide feedback for completed consultations, and easily access a calendar with indicators for their scheduled visits. This feature keeps patients organized and engaged with their healthcare plan.

Appointment editing options

Provides flexibility by allowing patients to cancel or reschedule appointments and notifies them of any delays. This ensures that patients can manage their appointments in a way that fits their schedules, reducing no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

Notifications & reminders

With the app’s notifications feature, patients never miss an appointment or forget to leave feedback after their visit. It sends timely reminders for upcoming appointments and allows users to adjust notification settings for a personalized experience.

Features for doctors

Schedule coordination

Doctors can easily view, accept, or reschedule appointments through the app. This feature streamlines the booking process, making it easier to manage patient flow and optimize consultation times.

Patient communication

The app enables secure and direct communication with patients via messages or video calls. This facilitates more flexible consultation options, including remote assessments for patients unable to visit in person.

Feedback review & response

Doctors have access to patient feedback, allowing them to address concerns and improve their services. This feature fosters a culture of continuous improvement and patient satisfaction.

Profile customization

Doctors can personalize their profile with detailed information about their specialties, qualifications, and clinic locations. This helps attract the right patients and build trust before the first appointment.

Real-time notifications

Doctors receive instant notifications for new appointments, changes to existing bookings, and direct messages from patients. This keeps them informed and responsive to patient needs.

Client’s feedback

Anette Wiliams CEO

bART Solutions has been our partners from the very beginning. Taking care of the full development lifecycle from technical expertise to design and implementation, they are true professionals, aimed only at the best results. I am grateful for our relationship and look forward to new achievements made together.

Quality 5.0
Cost 5.0
Schedule 5.0
Willing to Refer 5.0