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SitUp is dedicated to nurturing genuine relationships and memorable experiences, providing an antidote to the isolation and screen fatigue common in modern society.


Drawing on the psychological concept of the ‘third place’ — a social setting distinct from home (the first place) and work (the second place) – SitUp provides a platform for creating spaces where individuals can unite over shared interests, fostering local communities enriched by personal connections.

SitUp empowers users to choose locations, mark them on a map, and organize events within designated time frames, promoting real-world interactions that transcend digital barriers. This approach encourages the development of meaningful relationships and shared experiences, offering a remedy to the isolation and digital exhaustion of modern life.


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Discover nearby seats for instant connections

SitUp lets you quickly find or connect with people nearby. Just sign up, and an interactive map shows you where conversations are happening. It’s a seamless way to engage with like-minded individuals based on shared interests.

Create your own seat for personalized interactions

Craft your own conversation hub – simply choose a location, set the duration, add a selfie, and highlight your interests to draw in people who share your passions. Determine the flow of discussions and connect on a more personal level, making every interaction uniquely rewarding.

Navigate with interactive map

An interactive map displays your route and travel time to any seat, making it easy to plan your arrival. Clear directions for walking, biking, or driving ensure a hassle-free journey to your next social gathering.

Selective invites for harmonious meetups

In SitUp, hosts can chat with and screen potential participants, ensuring only those who match the vibe and interests can join. This ensures your meetups are filled with like-minded individuals, making every interaction more meaningful and tailored to your preferences.

Share feedback with ratings & reviews

After each seat, you have the opportunity to leave a star rating and review for the people you’ve met. Foster a culture of respect and constructive feedback, contributing to a community where positive interactions are recognized, and everyone is encouraged to give their best.

Unlock achievements and collect badges

Participate in activities and earn badges in SitUp, recognizing your involvement and milestones. The gamified aspect rewards your community engagement, marking your progress with visual tokens of achievement.

Privacy controls with hidden seats

Activating the hidden seat makes your seat completely invisible to all users, ensuring the utmost privacy. Such a level of discretion is ideal for when you want to organize an event relying on personal communication outside the app to inform your selected guests about the gathering.

Seat history tracking

Track your meetup history and easily review past events, connections, and experiences, getting a valuable overview of your social journey within the app. Streamlined history also aids in managing and reflecting on your community engagements.

Easy access with multiple login options

Quickly join SitUp using your preferred method — Gmail, Facebook, or any other email. Our multiple login options make entering the community straightforward, letting you connect and explore with ease.

Add your meal

Log, Track, Repeat. Easily add and save your go-to meals and recipes for swift calorie counting and food tracking.

Transforming local businesses into community hubs

By promoting local spots as focal points for community engagement, we’re not only strengthening the social fabric but also contributing to the local economy, mending the bond between commerce and community.

Our Solution

In developing SitUp, our team initiated a comprehensive process, beginning with in-depth user research to deeply understand our audience’s preferences and requirements. These insights guided our product discovery phase, shaping a clear vision for features that facilitate real-life connections. For the frontend, we utilized React Native, capitalizing on its ability to deliver a consistent experience across iOS and Android platforms.
The backend architecture was crafted using .NET and SQL, supported by Azure Cloud for hosting and Firebase for seamless real-time interactions and secure authentication.

A rigorous quality assurance phase ensured the app’s functionality, performance, and reliability aligned with our high standards. This streamlined development approach enabled us to efficiently launch SitUp, an app designed not just for today’s social connectivity needs but also ready for future enhancements and growth. To further illustrate SitUp’s social impact, we’re keen to share some insights from our user research, demonstrating the profound social value our app brings to communities.

How important is face-to-face interaction in forming meaningful relationships?

  • view it as crucial.
  • find it somewhat important.
  • are indifferent between online and offline interactions.

Would you like to meet new people and discover places in your area?

  • strongly prefer it.
  • like the idea but don't see it as essential.
  • are not interested.

Are you interested in participating in activities or events organized through a social app?

  • often find them lacking.
  • sometimes feel this way.
  • rarely see a difference between digital and real-life interactions.

Intuitive user interface

The app features an intuitive user interface that simplifies navigation and enhances user engagement. With clean design principles and user-friendly functionality, participants can easily create, find, and join seats, making their experience enjoyable and stress-free.

Real-time data synchronization

All users have access to the latest information and changes within the app, whether it’s about new events being created, updates to existing meetups, or feedback from other users, keeping everyone informed and engaged.

Dynamic mapping & navigation system

Incorporating cutting-edge real-time geolocation technology, the mapping system behind the app continuously updates to provide the most precise location data and travel information available. Users receive up-to-date guidance and route suggestions, boosting accuracy and reliability.

Advanced Security Measures

SitUp prioritizes your privacy and security by implementing state-of-the-art security protocols. From data encryption to secure authentication processes for user login, your information and interactions are protected within the app, providing a safe space for everyone.