AI-Powered Nutrition App for Healthier Eating Habits

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Say goodbye to guesswork and welcome healthier eating habits. EATS is a one-stop shop for managing your diet and fitness with ease. It’s food tracker, diet planner, calories and macros counter, and diet coach all in one place. Personalize your meals with AI-driven suggestions tailored to your dietary goals. Discover delicious, custom recipes that align with your nutritional needs. Get tailored nutrition insights to make healthier choices every day.
Healthy eating has never been this easy!


Our team aimed to build an all-encompassing solution that streamlines diet and fitness tracking, combining features like meal planning, calorie counting, and personal dietary coaching into one intuitive platform. The app personalizes user experiences with AI-driven meal suggestions and nutritional insights, demanding integration with extensive food databases and compatibility with wearable devices.

Achieving a user-friendly design while ensuring robust performance and seamless integration of various functionalities to cater to diverse user needs, including special health conditions, was paramount. This required a strategic, user-focused approach to development, blending advanced technology with practical usability.


Product Discovery
Custom Software Development

Mobile Development
Testing & QA

Our Solution

Our team followed a multifaceted and user-centric approach to creating this app. We identified the most impactful features during Product Discovery. This step ensures every feature resonates with user needs and solves their problems. Next, our U/UX designers brought the concept to life. We created prototypes for an intuitive and engaging user interface and tested it on potential users.  During the development phase, we picked the tech stack that met all requirements. We integrated AI services to offer personalized suggestions and data-driven insights.

Our developers also integrated the world’s largest nutrition database, health apps, and wearable devices.
We broke down the development lifecycle into 3-week sprints. This helped us to speed up time-to-market and test new features as they developed. Since Quality Assurance was a continuous process, we ensured a smooth, fast, responsive app experience.

Personalized nutritional guidance

Our solution integrates AI services and an extensive food database of over 900,000 items, offering personalized meal suggestions, insights, and a vast nutritional information library. This AI-powered personalization adapts to each user’s dietary needs and preferences for a tailored health journey.

Comprehensive health data integration

Seamlessly connect with HealthKit, Google Health, and wearable technologies like Wear OS and watchOS for real-time tracking of health and fitness metrics. This feature allows for automatic data collection and analysis across platforms, ensuring all your health information is easily accessible and always up-to-date.

Customizable experience with advanced APIs

Unlock new app capabilities and ensure a smooth data exchange with our custom APIs. Tailored to integrate with any service you choose, these APIs enhance app functionality, making it adaptable to your unique health and fitness goals.

Current and accurate food library

Stay informed with the latest nutritional data thanks to our data scraping technique, which continually refreshes our food database. This ensures you have access to up-to-date information, supporting informed dietary decisions and keeping your meal planning relevant.


Food log

Effortlessly log every meal and snack you have. Search in our Food Database, scan barcodes, and add foods from your history.

Activity tracker

Stay on top of your fitness journey. Activity Tracker monitors your movements, steps, and workouts.

Meal planner

Streamline your eating habits. Plan weekly meals in advance and get meal suggestions based on your diet goals.

Calorie counter

Keep an eye on your calorie intake with precision. Automatically track calories consumed and burned from exercise.

Macro calculator

Ensure a well-balanced diet. See the carbs, fats, and proteins breakdown by gram or percentage. The app offers the best macro ratio according to your goals.

Water tracker

Stay hydrated, stay fit. Set daily goals, track your intake, and receive reminders to ensure you drink enough water. Connect smart scales to figure out your precise hydration needs.

Personalized dashboard

Your health, your way. Personalized Dashboard gives you an overview of your fitness and dietary metrics tailored to your goals and preferences.

Custom recipes

Discover recipes that cater to your taste and diet. Custom Recipes automatically pick personalized meal options that are both delicious and nutritious.

Smart suggestions

Forget about decision fatigue. AI assistant provides hand-picked tips and food suggestions that meet your nutritional needs.

Add your meal

Log, Track, Repeat. Easily add and save your go-to meals and recipes for swift calorie counting and food tracking.

Nutrition insights

Gain deeper insight into your eating habits. Analyze your dietary patterns and the nutritional impact of your meals with AI to make healthier choices.

Diet coach

Get personalized diet coaching at your fingertips. Diet Coach offers guidance, motivation, and support tailored to your dietary goals.

Multiple profiles

Ensure your family eats healthy. Manage up to 5 profiles of your family members. Track and analyze your child’s nutrition habits and get suggestions for a balanced diet.

Diet planner for health conditions

Eat right for your health. Diet Planner helps you adjust diet to your health needs, such as food allergies, diabetes, pregnancy, lactation, and more.

Connect your device

Get a unified health tracking experience. Connect your wearables and health apps to consolidate data and gain a holistic view of your nutrition.

Eat out healthy

Make smart dining choices. Access nutritional info from your favorite eateries and takeouts without the need for manual entry.