Advanced sports streaming platform for capturing live action & delivering real-time analytics

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Our client, an innovator in the sports sector, aimed to redefine how sports content is produced, distributed, and experienced. In collaboration with bART Solutions, their goal was to create a platform that offered a wide array of services, from capturing game footage to sharing it across multiple digital channels. This platform was designed to use cutting-edge technology to boost fan engagement, improve operational efficiency, and unlock new revenue streams, all while keeping a user-centric focus on sports broadcasting and analytics.


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Tackling this project, our key challenge was crafting a state-of-the-art platform to transform sports content production and distribution into an automated, user-centric experience. It needed to be intuitive for users while scalable enough to handle an expanding array of sports and a growing viewer base. Integrating sophisticated technology for seamless content capture, distribution, and in-depth analytics was vital for boosting fan engagement and unlocking new revenue opportunitiesl.

Simplifying complex features for user friendliness without sacrificing functionality posed a significant hurdle. The team was tasked with engineering a solution that automated the production workflow and provided rich analytics through wearable tech integration, all supported by a robust backend. This infrastructure was designed for efficient processing and global distribution of extensive sports content, ensuring a consistently high-quality, engaging fan experience.

Our Solution

In crafting our solution, we first conducted a competitive analysis to understand the sphere of sports broadcasting and analytics deeply. This step allowed us to pinpoint gaps in the market and areas for improvement, ensuring our platform will meet and exceed the needs of sports content producers and consumers. By integrating insights gained from this analysis, we tailored our approach to offer a unique blend of automation, engagement, and insight.

The engineering team developed a solution that simplifies complex production workflows, enriches the viewing experience with data-driven content enhancements, and democratizes access to sports analytics. This platform serves a diverse ecosystem of stakeholders, from broadcasters to coaches and fans, facilitating a more connected, insightful, and immersive sports experience.

Automated video capture

This system allows for the production of professional-grade sports footage with zero human intervention. It’s designed to broaden audience reach and fan engagement while significantly reducing the costs and resources typically needed for game capture.

Advanced graphics creation

A cloud-based system for both manual and automated graphics creation. It enhances live streams by automatically integrating game information and sponsor messages, adding revenue to broadcasts without extra manual effort.

Enhanced in-game experience

Features such as instant replays, multi-angle views, comprehensive in-game commentary, and a referee review tool significantly improve the viewing experience. These integrated tools uphold the integrity of sports decisions.

Advanced data & video analytics

The solution offers specialized analytics for a wide range of stakeholders — coaches, scouts, players, media, and bookmakers. This feature provides predictive insights, extensive data and video clips to facilitate strategic planning and boost fan involvement.

Broad distribution networks

This software ensures sports content is widely available through various channels like OTT platforms, social media, and coaching tools, as well as to bookmakers. Such an extensive distribution capability aims to maximize content engagement and revenue opportunities.

Real-time social media integration

This feature enables instant content sharing directly from live games to social media platforms. It simplifies engaging fans on networks like YouTube, Facebook Live, and Twitch to ensure sports moments are immediately accessible, enhancing fan interaction and content visibility.


Instant replay & multi-angle viewing

Our platform elevates fan engagement by offering instant replays for pivotal game moments. With multi-angle solutions, fans can experience the depth and diversity of live game production, seeing the action from various perspectives.

In-game commentary integration

Incorporating live in-game commentary with access to real-time statistics, our solution enriches sports broadcasts with professional insights, facilitating a more informed and engaging viewer experience.

Referee review tool

A dedicated tool for referees enables the quick review of plays in slow motion, supporting accurate decision-making and maintaining the integrity of the game. This system has capabilities to assist officials in ensuring fair play.

Third-party integration

The platform easily integrates with existing systems and third-party services, improving the flexibility and utility of sports content production and distribution. This includes compatibility with major content management systems, social media platforms, and analytics tools.

Analytics for coaches & players

Utilizing advanced data linking and video analysis, our platform provides visual statistics and performance insights. This assists coaches, scouts, and players in strategy development and performance improvement, leveraging data for competitive advantage.

Live video for sportsbooks

The platform ensures the distribution of live video to bookmakers with industry-standard speed and quality, enabling real-time betting insights and improving the betting experience with up-to-the-minute game data.