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The client aimed to improve the public transport experience by developing an app that consolidates information on metro, bus, and taxi services. The project’s primary goal was to create a solution that offers route optimization, real-time vehicle tracking, and the convenience of e-ticket purchases, making it a comprehensive tool for public transport users.


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The key challenge of this project was improving the overall user experience of navigating public transportation. This involved overcoming the inconvenience of accessing separate information sources for metro lines, bus routes,

and taxi services by creating a centralized app that offers efficient route planning, live tracking, and the ability to purchase tickets, all aimed at saving users’ time and enhancing their commute.

Our Solution

Our development approach was deeply informed by comprehensive user research, which identified key pain points and preferences in public transport navigation. This research enabled us to design a user-centric application that simplifies travel planning and enhances commuting experiences. By incorporating functionalities like real-time public transport tracking and efficient route planning, the app addresses users’ needs for timely and accurate travel information.

Leveraging insights from our research, we built user profiles to ensure the app’s features resonated with a diverse audience. The integrated features reflect a direct response to user demands for convenience and efficiency. Such a strategic development choice, informed by user feedback, guarantees that the application serves as a practical, all-in-one solution for modern commuters, making public transport more accessible and user-friendly.

Users Research

To ensure the application was both effective and user-friendly, our team conducted extensive user research. We engaged in detailed discussions with 16 individuals through interviews, selecting participants for their varied experiences with public transport. These conversations revealed key insights into the challenges commuters face and what they value in a travel app.

Further broadening our research scope, an online survey was completed by 34 respondents, offering valuable quantitative data on user behavior, route preferences, and desired features in a public transport app. This blend of qualitative and quantitative research methods enabled us to gather a comprehensive understanding of user requirements, shaping the app’s design to ensure it met the real-world needs of a diverse user base effectively.

What public transport applications do you use?

  • Other
  • Google Maps
  • Move it
  • Citymapper

Which feature of the application do you use most often?

  • Paving the shortest route
  • Online tracking public transport
  • Actual information about public transport

What problems did you face most often?

  • Incorrect route planning
  • The irrelevant GPS date
  • Does not work without internet
  • Hard interface

User Profiles

Our comprehensive user research led to the identification of two primary user profiles, each with distinct commuting behaviors and expectations from a public transport app. Understanding these profiles enabled us to tailor the app’s design and functionalities specifically to meet the diverse needs of our users, enhancing their daily public transport experience.

The urban student

Students who navigate between campus, work, and social events, rely on an app that’s efficient, reliable, and adaptable to their ever-changing schedules. They appreciate features like real-time updates, customizable route options, and access to cost-effective travel methods. E-ticket purchasing helps them manage their busy schedules and stay within their budget.

The family-centric user

For professionals who have tight daily routines with no tolerance for delays, the app must offer precise, reliable public transport information. They seek features that enable advanced planning, swift access to schedules, and timely notifications to ensure punctuality. The ability to seamlessly plan and adjust their routes is crucial for maintaining a highly organized and efficient workday.

Real-time transport tracking

Integrates Google Maps API for live tracking of public transport, ensuring users have access to up-to-the-minute information about their routes. This feature is essential for planning efficient journeys and adjusting plans based on current transport statuses.

E-ticket purchasing system

Develops a secure, seamless interface for buying and storing electronic tickets within the app, employing advanced encryption to protect user transactions. This simplifies the process of using public transport, making it more accessible and convenient for users.

Route optimization algorithm

Implements sophisticated algorithms to analyze multiple transport options and suggest the most efficient routes. This system considers real-time traffic, schedule changes, and user preferences, offering personalized travel solutions.

User profile customization

Employs a dynamic user management system allowing for detailed personalization of travel preferences and routines. Users can save frequent routes, set notifications for specific journeys, and manage their e-tickets, creating a tailored commuting experience.

Responsive mobile design

Ensures the app’s optimal performance and usability across a variety of devices, from smartphones to tablets. The design focuses on intuitive navigation and clear presentation of information, accommodating users’ needs on the go.

Enhanced notification system

Features an intelligent notification system that alerts users about schedule changes, route alterations, and other relevant travel updates. This keeps commuters well-informed and prepared for any adjustments to their planned journeys.


Route planning

Enables users to find the best public transport routes tailored to their preferences, including the fastest or least crowded options. This feature considers real-time traffic conditions and public transport schedules to offer the most efficient journey planning.

Live transport tracking

Users can view the current location of buses, taxis, and other public transportation on a map in real-time, allowing for accurate travel planning and adjustments based on live transport statuses. This reduces waiting times and enhances the overall commuting experience.

E-ticket management

Provides a seamless process for purchasing, storing, and using electronic tickets directly within the app. Users can buy tickets for any public transport mode and manage their ticket history for easy access and control over their travel expenses.

Personalized travel alerts

Delivers custom notifications about route changes, schedule updates, or delays, ensuring users are always informed and can make timely decisions about their travel plans. Alerts can be tailored to individual preferences and routines for a personalized experience.

User profile customization

Allows users to create and customize their profiles with preferred routes, frequently used transport modes, and saved destinations. This personalization makes route planning quicker and more relevant to individual travel needs.

Interactive public transport map

Features an interactive map displaying all available public transport options in the area, including stations and stops. Users can explore different routes, view schedules, and even see the density of routes to choose less crowded options.

Aziz Kaddouri Owner

I have worked with bART Solutions a lot of times, and I consider them genuine professionals in software development. I appreciate their completely new ideas and innovative thinking as well. The project they created meets all the expectations concerning technologies, design, and functions. What I liked the most, is that all our special requests have been properly taken into account. I believe we are going to become partners for a long time.

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