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In the last few years, people used to keep in touch with anyone day and night. People communicate with their friends and acquaintances all over the world through their gadgets using Facebook, messengers, emails, etc.

Nevertheless, we can notice the lack of live communication. Nowadays people choose to chat through text messages instead of drinking a cup of coffee in a café with their loved ones. Just imagine you have an opportunity to spend your time in your favourite rite place while at the same time get acquainted with different people.

Seat Up will become a combination of both real and virtual interactions in order to help people feel free to get to know each other. What is more, this application is a great possibility for lonely people to meet their soulmate.

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Finding The Best Way Of Development Product

We chosed "Agile" as the main methodology in the development processes of this product. With this methodology we got the following advantages: 1) Quick adaptation to new requirements 2) Development MVP product in the shortest time 3) The pleasure of work. The team experiences additional joy every time when the work is done.


The task of our design team was to develop the product from scratch. Throughout the design process, we worked side by side with the client. We distinguished the five main stages:

  • 1. Interviews with clients and stakeholders. SWOT analysis
  • 2. Target audience research. Creating Personas. User interviews
  • 3. Creating user stories, user flow and, friendly information architectures
  • 4. Prototyping and usability testing (3 weeks)
  • 5. Visual Interface design

The team consisted of a product manager, a stakeholder, two UX/UI designers. The total time of design processes took about 2 months.

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Based on our experience, the development team decided to use React native to frontend development and С# for the backend. For best results in the short term, our development process was built on a three-week sprint.

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Achivements & Account

bART Solutions has been our partners from the very beginning. Taking care of the full development lifecycle from the technical expertise to design and implementation, they are true professionals, aimed only for the best results. I am grateful for our relationship and look forward to new achievements made together.

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