Rent a bike


  • Users Research
  • Product Design
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Testing

Creating your bike rental is a profitable and useful investment. A large number of people are interested in riding bicycles, but not all of them are ready to purchase a two-wheeled vehicle. A good bike is expensive - from $ 500 to $ 1,000. Its storage requires a lot of space, which is difficult to find in a small apartment, especially in the cold season.

After weighing the pros and cons, our client decided to establish his startup: a bike rental service. Creating an application for this business has several advantages:

1. Rental process automation (lower personnel costs)

2. Сustomer convenience (rental is available around the clock)

3. Business rapid progress (A business that uses modern technology is now in trend)

The task was set before us: to create a convenient mobile application in the shortest possible time that satisfies the needs of the client and users.

Users Research

How often do you rent a bike?
What are you using a bike for?
What do you think is the most important thing about renting a bike?


Jason Walker 24 years, tourist, average income confident smartphone user
  • rarely uses a bicycle
  • trusts feedback
  • often travels with friends
  • always in a hurry
Needs and Goals
  • feedbacks
  • map orientation
  • card payment method
  • possibility to rent several bicycles
  • search for bicycles “near ýou”
Matt jones 35 years, mid-level manager high income, cycling fan confident smartphone user
  • rides a bike every day
  • knows his route perfectly
  • loves loyalty systems
  • attentive to details
  • prefers simplicity
Needs and Goals
  • opportunity to report a bike break
  • loyalty system
  • travel history
  • bike selection

Customer journey map

Jason is a tourist from Poland, at that time he visits Stockholm. He longs to see many different places in one day but does not know what means of transportation he should choose. As a result, he rents a bike. In his opinion, this will allow him to save time and money.

Choice of transport
Search nearest bike parking
Choice of bike and his location
End of rent
  • distance estimate
  • counting time
  • choice of the best option
  • reads on the Internet about bicycle rental services
  • enters his location
  • register in the system
  • finds the right bike parking
  • bike/time selection
  • calculation of the cost of the trip
  • bike search
  • rental activation
  • view time and cost information
  • payment
  • maybe I should call a taxi?
  • it’s unfamiliar city
  • I will see more by bicycle!
  • where I am?
  • cool so fast!
  • hmm, parking is close to me
  • there are feedbacks, I try it!
  • only 300 meters!
  • if I exceed the specified time
  • is everything OK with this bike?
  • it shows where I should to go!
  • so fast!
  • here it is possible to pay by card
  • this service works in my country?
  • helpless
  • hesitation
  • worried
  • hope
  • joy
  • confusion
  • worried
  • joy
  • satisfaction
  • unfamiliar city
  • lack of information
  • choice of bike parking
  • lack of free bikes
  • broken bike
  • search bike station
  • difficulty with bike activation
  • finding a place to park a bike
  • route information search
  • search for information about the cost and travel time
  • map
  • map
  • feadbacks
  • destination to bike station
  • time when rent starts
  • destination and navigation to bike
  • possibility to cancel the rental
  • trip history
  • detailed payment information

Information Architechture

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The design team worked for 2 months. Hundreds of ideas were proposed, about 100 screens were designed, we conducted about 5 usability tests, and yet we got a result that satisfied the client


Based on our experience, the development team decided to use React native to frontend development and С# for the backend. For best results in the short term, our development process was built on a three-week sprint.

bART Solutions has been our partners from the very beginning. Taking care of the full development lifecycle from the technical expertise to design and implementation, they are true professionals, aimed only for the best results. I am grateful for our relationship and look forward to new achievements made together.

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