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Find a doctor - an application that allows you to make an appointment with a doctor comfortable and quick.

It is an interactive CRM platform that will show the patient a list of doctors at your clinic with the profession they need, which you can sign up for on a convenient day and time. The patient chooses a doctor, and the time of admission indicates how he would like to receive confirmation and a reminder about the appointment.

This solution has many advantages because modern people are very busy. In any place, you can read and analyze the available information on the work schedules of the necessary specialists, choose the time of visiting the clinic, and make an appointment.

Users Research

13 Interviews
38 Took part in the online survey
How often do you visit a doctor?
Your age?
Do you focus on reviews before choosing a doc?
Do you have chronic diseases?


Frederik Alberston 35 years, unmarried, lives alone, high income, confident smartphone user
  • save a time
  • read feedbacks before appointment
  • visit doctors regularly
  • watching for health
Needs and Goals
  • fast booking doctors
  • large selection of specialists
  • choice of doctors for the workplace
  • appointment reminder
Marie Jacob 60 years, sick of diabetes, unemployed, lives with her daughter, has difficulty working with a smartphone
  • homebody
  • regularly takes medication
  • visits the doctor regularly
  • leads a sedentary lifestyle
Needs and Goals
  • choice of doctor for the residence
  • regular visits to one favorite doctor
  • phone support
  • easy to use
Eric Anderson 50 years, has 2 children, technical advisor confident smartphone user
  • smoker
  • leads a sedentary lifestyle
  • constant stress
  • don’t trust doctors
Needs and Goals
  • free doctor booking
  • clear interface
  • phone support
  • ability to leave feedback

Customer journey map

Frederick gets a bad cold. A slight change in the weather always makes him sick. The severity usually ranges from normal to intense. This time around is a normal case. Even though he can’t afford to leave office (owing to his very hectic schedule), he still takes a leave.

Identification of symptoms
Search nearest bike parking
Doctor selection
  • experiences throat pain
  • asks flatmate and mom
  • reads on Google to check symptoms for a different problem
  • tries to remember what happened the previous time he had cold
  • reads on internet about cold
  • tries self-treatment
  • takes referrals from friend family
  • Google searcher for a doctor nearby
  • books an appointment via calling the clinic
  • walks into the clinic to see a doc
  • meets the doctor for the consultation
  • can this be serious?
  • who should I contact?
  • I’m in a lot a pain
  • has this happened to me in the past?
  • I can’t afford to miss the office
  • can I avoid going to a doc?
  • will the self-treatment work?
  • are there any side-effects?
  • can this be serious?
  • is this doctor professional and reliable?
  • will I be cured quickly?
  • will I end up spending a lot?
  • do I need to take time off or travel a long distance?
  • should I do it to a stand-alone clinic or branded hospital?
  • will I get to see the doctor?
  • will I have to wait for a long time?
  • is it too far?
  • how will I get to the clinic?
  • does the clinic have a pharmacy?
  • did the doctor understand my issue?
  • helpless
  • painful
  • worried and anxious
  • anxious
  • worried
  • anxious and stressed
  • worried
  • confused
  • afraid
  • hopeless
  • lack of knowledge
  • no record of past experiences
  • unreliable information
  • no easy way to find out the seriousness of the issue
  • no easy way to assess doctor’s quality
  • lot of options
  • no easy way to connect a doc
  • availability of doctors
  • booking a slot with doctors is a hassle
  • long waiting hours in clinic
  • logistic issues
  • creation and retrival of health records
  • a symptom to diagnose mapper
  • an easy to understand health encyclopedia
  • a way to check historical medical cases
  • trustworthy health content
  • easy and cheap way to connect with doctors online
  • a symptom to diagnose mapper
  • create quality metrics for doctors assessment
  • better and accurate information regarding doctors
  • precise and contextual doctor options
  • easy and cheap way to connect
  • with doctors online
  • assured and visible doctor availability
  • better wait time and clinic experience
  • provide logistic solutions
  • facilitate easy-creation of
  • records and on-spot shaving

Information Architechture

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The design team worked for 2 months. Hundreds of ideas were proposed, about 100 screens were designed, we conducted about 5 usability tests, and yet we got a result that satisfied the client.


Based on our experience, the development team decided to use React native to frontend development and С# for the backend. For best results in the short term, our development process was built on a three-week sprint.

bART Solutions has been our partners from the very beginning. Taking care of the full development lifecycle from the technical expertise to design and implementation, they are true professionals, aimed only for the best results. I am grateful for our relationship and look forward to new achievements made together.

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